Can Bosch restaurant started out as a humble fisherman’s bar opened in 1969 by Juan Bautista Bosch and Lourdes Font, right around the corner from the port of Cambrils. The bar started to serve food, and in 1980 it opened as a restaurant. Since then, it has managed to become a gastronomic point of reference; its Michelin star, obtained in 1984, is one example of the recognition it has received.

Since 1982, Juan Bosch in the kitchen and Montserrat Costa in the dining room have maintained this level of excellence, combining a respect for the simple traditional seafood of its origins with the new culinary trends that have become popular in recent decades.

In 2012, the restaurant has incorporated the third generation of this family, represented by Arnau Bosch and Eva Perelló. This gives continuity to a project that is deeply rooted in its place of origin, but which doesn’t rest on its laurels, but rather constantly seeks to outdo itself.

Història Restaurant Can Bosch

Our cooking


The sea on the plate. This could be a summary of Can Bosch’s culinary philosophy; the restaurant skilfully combines products provided by the fishing boats of Cambrils with the fruits and vegetables grown in nearby villages.

We use only quality products, which are basically local, coming fresh from the boat or the garden to our kitchen, where they are treated with a profound respect for the country’s culinary tradition, but always with an eye to innovation

Cuina de Can Bosch Restaurant

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