Anxovies premium from the Cantabric with toasted tomato bread

Jabugo cured ham “shavings” with toasted bread and tomato

French oysters from Marennes-Oléron (1/2 dozen)

Clams raw or grilled ( portion 300 gr)

Grilled rock mussels

Sea snails (rac. 300gr)

Grilled red prawns from Tarragona( rac. 300 gr. )

Grilled langoustines from Cambrils

Fried sea cucumber “Espardenyes”

Calamares a la romana ( squid in batter)


Paella Parellada ( All seafood peeled) (minimum 2 persons)
Can Bosch-style “Black rice ” ( cooked in squid ink)
Black rice with lobster
Carneroli rice casserole with clams ( minimum 2 persons)


Grilled hake trunk with seasonal vegeatbles

(Sea bass or turbot) baked with potatoes and confit onion

(Sea bass or turbot) with pine nut velute and sea nettle

Grilled sole with seasonal vegetables

Veal steak tartar

Veal fillet with vegetables and potatoes

Veal shank cooked at low temperature with sauce and seasonal garnish