Jabugo cured ham “shavings” with toasted bread and tomato
French oysters from Marennes-Oléron (1/2 dozen)
Clams “al natural” or grilled ( portion 300 gr)
Grilled rock mussels
Sea snails (rac. 300gr)
Grilled red prawns from Tarragona( rac. 300 gr. )
Grilled Crayfish from Cambrils
Grilled or fried baby squid
Fried sea cucumber “Espardenyes”

Rice Dishes

Paella marinera (minimum 2 persons)
Can Bosch-style “Black rice ” ( cooked in squid ink)
Black rice with lobster
Carneroli rice casserole with clams ( minimum 2 persons)

Fish and Meat

Sea bass
Hake trunk
Cow from Girona Sirloin steak grilled 180 gr (option black pepper sauce)
*With vegetables and fries


* All fishes except the sole either could be oven baked, with
confit potatoes and tomatoes, caramelised onions and gravy sauce.

or Grilled with sauted vegetables with garlic
and fine herbs butter

The Lobster Menu

Advance order necessary
(1.2 to 1.3 kg lobster for two people)

Easy-to eat claws with a seasonal salad
Tail sautéed in garlic oil with trimmings
Body and head in a casserole
A choice of dessert

The different types of bread we offer are all homemade with natural flour.

Degustation menu

(In the interest of harmony this menu can only be served to all the diners at a table)

Savoury snacks
Tartar of sea bass and crayfish, truffled fresh cream,
pink pepper crisp and Iranian Beluga caviar 000
“Ajoblanco”, pickled melon, roasted almonds, jellied cucumber and celery
with king prawns
Smoked eel Roset from Delta with tomato “steak-style” and eel cream
Deboned crispy pork trotters with crayfish and white beans
Rock red mullet, emulsion of the concentrated stock of its own bones
and aubergine textures
Lamb cooked at low temperature, rosemary potato parmentier and gravy sauce
Melon Mojito (Dessert)
Chocolate and peach textures
Petites fours

Price per person
75€+ 10% VAT

* As we work exclusively with fresh and seasonal products, we may occasionally
have to make changes to the ingredients of a dish.

“* Please let us know if you have any food allergy or intolerance.

Menu of the Sea

(In the interest of harmony this menu can only be served to all the diners at a table)

Liquid snack
Savoury snack
Oyster from Marennes-Olerón
Rock mussels
Razors sea
Grilled clams
Sea snails
Grilled crayfish
Grilled red prawns
King prawn “suquet”
Squid in batter (calamares)
Grilled baby squid with garlic and parsley

Can Bosch “black rice”

Price per person
85€ + 10% VAT

Traditional Menu

(This menu can only be served to all the diners at a table)

Savoury Snack
Tomato “gazpacho”, Pedro Ximenez tomatoes, anchovy cream and
celery-cucumber sorbet
Grilled octopus, chick pea purée, kimchi sauce
and puffed pork skin
Can Bosch style “black rice” with a mild garlic foam
Mushroom and truffle ravioli with confit celery
Line caught hake with sauce and vegetables
Duck breast dumplings with sauce, black garlic emulsion and crispy squid
Lemon and electric daisy, yuzu caviar, ginger merengue
and jellied green tea
Petites fours

Price per person
43€ + 10% VAT

We can offer the menu with half bottle of wine or cava
(the somelier’s choice) per person, bread, mineral water
and coffee for 59€ + 10% VAT


Green apples sorbet
Yogurt mousse, violet pearls and strawberries and exotic sorbet
Lemon and electric daisy,yuzu caviar, ginger merengue and jellied green tea
Tatin apple cake with cinnamon ice cream
Millefeuille of orange blossom cream with strawberries and citric sorbet
Hazelnut ganache,carob crumble and hazelnut and chocolate stracciatella ice-cream
Melon Mojito (dessert)
Chocolate and peach textures
Couland of 70% dark chocolate with Madagascar vanilla Ice-cream(15min)
Irish coffee